Greg’s keynotes are impactful. All keynotes will have an impact on buy a research paper custom paper writers your audience.


Entrepreneurs need both inspiration and motivation.  Greg was fortunate to be the chief of a seed funding boot camp for entrepreneurs.  Apart from coaching them through business plan completion and pitching to an investor panel, his responsibility was to kick off the boot camp with an inspirational keynote which set the tone for each successive group and their effort throughout the two-month process 30 business were seeded.


In the banking world, there is nothing more important than asset and liability management.  Greg has presented a keynote and hosted a seminar for the team of a financial institution to motivate and inspire them to approach the enormous responsibility of asset and liability management with renewed dynamism, care and attention.

Travel and Tourism

Greg delivered keynotes on various subjects to extensive audiences in travel and tourism.  He has expounded on the importance of being deliberately different to drive sales in the industry for travel professionals, business owners and other stakeholders.


Young people are amazing! They are full of potential and no one knows which individual youth will be the next to accomplish success on a world-class level. The greatest thing is that all will grow and achieve. To have an opportunity to speak with them on the verge of a transition in life means that the speaker has a chance to impact the accomplishment of their potential. This is one of the opportunities Greg relishes.