Greg is a

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dynamic speaker with a sense of humor
and an engaging delivery style which educates, and encourages action.

Choose the keynote speaker best suited for your audience

So you’ve assembled an audience and know exactly what you want to deliver to them and what you want them to get out of it. You however need to select the keynote speaker best suited to meeting those goals. Choose Greg. He is an excellent choice if you are seeking a keynote speaker who can deliver timely, new, and challenging ideas which fit your needs, and can deliver in an engaging fashion leaving your audience motivated and inspired.

What you get with a Greg Bernard Phillip keynote

When Greg speaks his keynotes are customized to fit the audience. The contents are engaging, motivating, inspiring and timely because they are always relevant to the audience members. Greg and his team will work with you to ensure this.

The topic Greg Bernard Phillip speaks on

Greg’s platform is the concept of Being Deliberately Different. Greg believes and expertly shows how an understanding and application of Being Deliberately Different places individuals and entities in a position where the path to success is customized and more certain. His platform, while specific, can form the foundation for any message.

Whom we work with

Greg and his team work with conference/event organizers, companies and individuals to create and deliver keynotes and seminars.

Book Greg Bernard Phillip

Greg is available for just a few keynotes or seminars monthly so make contact now for bookings. We will be glad to work with you.

Book Greg

What audience members say after a Greg Bernard Phillip keynote

The people in the audience are the most important. They are the customers of the keynote. The ones the talk is intended to impact. Their reactions are the best indicator of a successful keynote. The following are the feedback some have given:

  • “One of the best speakers I have ever heard”
  • “I was hoping to hear a speaker like you at this workshop”
  • “Inspired. It would be the one word I would use to describe how I feel after hearing Greg Phillip speak”
  • “His humorous and clever thoughts come shining through and leave you with a desire to grow and be more”
  • “Greg’s extremely professional and approachable to his audience”
  • “He makes everyone feel like they have the ability to shoot beyond the stars”
  • “Greg is absolutely a must-have speaker!”